Please take a moment to read what to know about a psychic reading prior to booking.

Psychic Readings

While most people think of psychic readings as giving predictions, you can also ask many other types of questions.

Erika believes that the future is not yet determined but is both co-created by you and God (Higher Source, the Universe). Erika will often ask Spirit on your behalf what you need to be aware of so you can transform your energy and create a better future for yourself.

When you come for a psychic reading, you might want to know about:



You may want to know more about the dynamic between you and your spouse or partner. You may have questions about family members including your animals and friends.

When Erika tunes into their energy, she can tell you what their emotions are like, how they are feeling about a situation or person.

You may want to know this so you can help the person, or make better decisions for yourself or the relationship. It can help you to better understand the other person.

Sometimes you might have trouble letting go of an old relationship or understanding why it ended the way it did. It may help you to find closure when Erika reads their energy and tune into the purpose of the relationship on a higher spiritual level. Every relationship we have teaches us something. We also give the other person a chance to learn and grow as well, which they may or may not choose to do. 


Curious about the direction of your career? You may be wondering what your next steps will be. Erika can ask Spirit what they suggest so you don’t miss out on opportunities, or we can look at different career options and how the energy of each career idea suits you.

The office environment is a dynamic place with many different work styles, ambitions and politics. If you are having trouble at work with your boss, co-worker, client or supplier, you may want to ask Erika to tune into their energy for you. Understanding how they like to work or how they see you may help you to make important changes or choices. 

Finances and Money

You can ask anything you like about your finances and money. These days, many people worry about their debt and whether they will have enough. You may want to know how to attract more abundance. Knowing what’s likely to happen means that you can start making better decisions now so that your future changes. 


You can ask about your current state of health or what it’s likely to be in the future. When you know what is likely to come, you can start to do things now to change that future possibility! When Erika tunes into your health, Erika generally scans your body and she gives you what she picks up intuitively from your energy – all the big things and the small things. If Erika does not touch upon something that you are concerned about, you can ask her directly about it and she will let you know what comes through. 

Anything You Want to Know About

You are welcome to ask whatever questions you have. Erika will do her best to give you an accurate, insightful, and honest reading.