Please take a moment to read what to know about a mediumship reading prior to booking .

Mediumship Readings

We all miss those we love who have passed over to the other side. It can be very comforting to know that they are well and happy in spirit. Although they are in spirit form, they continue their relationship with you by watching over you and helping when they can.

It is not unusual for a spirit to try to get your attention. You might not understand why they are doing this! This is where a mediumship reading can help. Sometimes they have messages for you and other times they want to make their presence known and say hello.

It’s not just those you used to know who come through. It may be a family member whom you never met but who works with you in spirit.

Will they come through as I remembered them?

The images and words loved ones share with Erika are based on what they want to convey to you. They come through with their personalities and with things you may remember about them.

They may seem very much like the person you remembered but with a sense of love and peace in their hearts. Sometimes you have to wait until a person has crossed to have a chance to heal your relationship with them in spirit.

When a spirit comes through and they have already crossed into the light, they bring through love and understanding with them. You may be surprised to know that they will be given a chance to understand all the things they didn’t realize while they were alive.

Can You Connect with My Spirit Guides in a Mediumship Reading?

Yes, I can. I can connect with your Spirit Guides, Angels and other beings that help you. This is a form of mediumship, as a medium brings through messages from those who are in another plane of existence. This doesn’t always have to be your family or friends in Spirit. Sometimes your pets who have passed may come as well.

You have Spirit Guides. Everyone does! In fact, you probably have a number of Spirit Guides who help you in different ways during your lifetime. Although your family in Spirit can guide you, there are others whose primary role is to guide you through your life lessons.

Mediumship sessions can help you connect with these helpful spirits. You may also have an Angel or other Higher Level Being that watches over you or helps you as well.