When you come for your mediumship reading, you might expect it to happen just like you see on TV. It’s important for you to understand how this really works so you have reasonable expectations.


1. Most of the time, the spirit you want to connect with will come through. Sometimes they don’t.

It’s not because they don’t watch over you or they have forgotten about you and moved on. There may be other spirits who want to speak to you and it may be more important for them to come forward at this time. There may be other reasons why this spirit does not step forward. This may happen if you are grieving and hearing from them would be overwhelmingly emotional for you. There may be other higher spiritual reasons why this person may not come through for you in your session.

2. Impressions, Images and Words

Erika works with the finer energy of the Spirit world. Sometimes what they share could be metaphorical or symbolic as they are trying to convey a meaning through images, impressions, and words. As we go along in your reading, getting verification and confirmation from you helps to keep the energy flowing and allows Erika to have a deeper connection. The more your energy is open to hearing what comes through and giving conformation of what makes sense to you in the moment, the better your reading will be. Even if you cannot understand or confirm in the moment, it’s better to remain receptive, as it might make sense to you later.

3. They should know everything including what I'm waiting to hear.

Well, that would be nice. But just because you are waiting for a spirit to say an exact phrase or tell you the exact gift you got from them on your last birthday together doesn’t mean that’s what is going to come through.

In fact, when they come through, they are going to share what they feel is most important and what they feel is best for you. Sometimes it’s just to let you know they are around. Other times they have memories or want to acknowledge others who are still alive or are in spirit. Maybe they will give you a message and sometimes they just want to say hi and reassure you that they are fine.

It’s better to have an open-mind and listen to what comes through without trying to control the session or be judgemental. If you have questions for them, you are welcome to ask. They may have lots to say or they may say very little. But you can always ask!


4. It helps for you to ask them to come.

These are your family, friends and animals. Invite them to show up at your session. Tell them (in your mind as if you are speaking to them, or out loud if you want) to please come through in a strong clear way. Do this sometime before you come to your session – the day before or the day of is fine. It helps. 

5. Spirits of people you never knew may show up.

You belong to a large group of souls that tend to incarnate together. Sometimes a particular spirit may come through whom you didn’t know very well or might not have met at all! Just because they didn’t know you in person doesn’t mean that they don’t watch over you or guide you.

Even if you can’t confirm things about them, you still might want to listen to the message. I can’t tell you how many times spirit has come through and the person either discounts them because they don’t know who it is, they know who it is but they wanted to hear from someone else, or they didn’t like the person when they were alive. 

6. Bring a photo.

I don’t tend to look at photos in mediumship because I like to see who comes through first. However, if you want me to connect with a specific person and the connection is not very clear or strong, the energy from a photo may help to strengthen that connection.